Scalp Micropigmentation FAQ

“I was hesitant at first about having scalp micropigmentation done. Would it look natural? Is much pain involved? How can a tattoo look like hair? I met with Tina and she immediately put me at ease. She let me express my concerns and gave me all the information I needed to make an educated decision. She answered my questions in detail and never pressured me. I like the fact that she is the Owner/Artist and would be the only one working on me. I am so happy with the procedure! It looks like real hair and I can live my life without worrying about covering my baldness.”- Mark L.

Is scalp micropigmentation (SMP) permanent?

Yes. This is a permanent procedure like a tattoo, sometimes called hair tattoo.

Is it a tattoo?

Yes and no. While Scalp Micropigmentation is permanent and similar to a tattoo, it is a different technique that utilizes different needles and specialized pigments. The result mimics a closely shaved head of hair. Traditional tattoos may discolor, but this is highly dependent on the type of pigments used, the depth of the pigment implanted into the scalp, and the amount of sun exposure you get.

Can you make a soft natural hairline?

Yes. Most clients want a soft and natural fading frontal hairline, while others prefer a more distinct and “edged-up” look. I advise and work with clients individually to obtain the look they want.

What will I look like immediately after the SMP is done?

Immediately after Scalp Micropigmentation, your scalp will look slightly pink, somewhat similar to a sunburn. This will fade out over the course of 24-48 hours. Depending on each client and the type of skin, the pigment may fade as it settles in. This is the reason why you may need more touch-ups, so that the shade and color is just right.

Can my tattooist do what you do?

No. Scalp micropigmentation is unique in its application as I only use specialized instruments, needles, and pigments from Scalp Aesthetics. A tattooist may be an expert at what they do, but a successful SMP application should be virtually undetectable. Be very careful about who performs your SMP procedure. If the perfect needle and pigments are not used, the results can be large blue dots on the scalp. I have been trained by and am an affiliate of Scalp Aesthetics, the world’s largest SMP company. They design their own needles and formulate their own inks. The results are smaller follicle replications and more realistic results.

Is it safe?

Yes. I use sterile one-time-use only pre-packaged needles. I am a licensed technician by the Minnesota Department of Health.

Does it hurt?

The discomfort you will feel is less significant than what you might experience having a tattoo. The needle penetration of an Scalp Micropigmentation treatment is less invasive. Opinions of those who have undergone both procedures report that the SMP procedure is definitely more mild than getting a tattoo.

How much does it cost?

The cost of your procedure depends on what you need. Ultimately it is decided by how many hours of session time you require, and that depends on any special requirements you may have.

For example, the ‘average’ client with thinning hair on top and perhaps a receding hairline, can expect to pay around $3000. Most clients fit this category. Even those with intact hairlines usually require the same session time to recover lost density.

The price is likely to be reduced if your hair loss is less advanced, for example if you have full density but need a slight reconstruction of your hairline. The price will increase if you have scars to conceal, or alopecia to camouflage.

So use $3000 as a guide, and allow some fluctuation depending on your personal requirements.

What if I want to grow out my hair?

Depending on your balding pattern this may be possible. A consultation between a licensed SMP technician and a prospective client before undergoing Scalp Micropigmentation is invaluable.

What if I am not bald, but I want to make my hair look fuller?

SMP is used to decrease the contrast between your scalp color and hair color, giving an illusion of fullness.

Does it look real?

Yes. With the artistry and technique I use, you cannot tell that someone has had Scalp Micropigmentation even up close. SMP gives you the look of a permanent 5 o’clock shadow.